Why Linux is the Perfect Operating System for DIY Enthusiasts

Why Linux is the Perfect Operating System for DIY Enthusiasts

One thing I like about the Linux community is that these people love to do a lot of experiments, and they never hesitate to do that. As Linux gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, we should not lag in taking benefit of our privileges.

So what's the meaning of DIY? In our case, there might be two different meanings. One for the intermediaries who know the basics of Linux OSs and how they work but are distro hoppers and the other for the GEEKS who maintain the potential of creating their own Linux distribution. I am not going to talk about the second category.

What do I mean?

So you have been using Linux for a very long time but you still did not find the perfect OS which suits your needs, in that case, you must try out creating your desktop environment. And by this, I don't mean you should hardcode everything from scratch but use the different tools out there which perform a particular task. You can break the distros into components and shuffle them with each other.

For example, if you are a beauty seeker then you must try to tweak the KDE desktop environment. Try out the different themes and widgets you get on KDE. If you are a fanboy of minimalism then the lightweight window managers will best suit you, try experimenting with them.

Distros differ until you find the trick

I must say there is not much difference in the Linux distros available in the market if we keep aside the DEs and WMs. Okay let's say I installed the XFCE desktop on both Ubuntu and Fedora, they both basically will look the same and feel the same. You give me any distro and I will install the toolset which I use daily and will be good to go. This needs a little bit of experimentation and which is what we people are good at.

So the point is you need to break things apart, learn about the different components of a Linux distribution and try to shuffle them. This process will not be easy, you might break your system dozens of times but trust me it will be worth your efforts.

Final words

One little piece of advice: Please do not try experimenting on your production machine this may lead you to serious issues. You can make use of virtualization, various tools are available for the same.

The best part of this DIY process is you will enjoy tweaking with distros and this will gradually increase your interest in Linux. So all the best, till then Keep Reading, Keep Exploring and Keep Learning.