Automate the Django Project setup with Bash

Automate the Django Project setup with Bash

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Django Letsgo

A shell script to automate the django project creation process. This also includes the initial routing. The following actions are performed when you run this script:

  • Creation of the project folder
  • Creating and activating virtual enviroment
  • Updating pip to latest version
  • Installing neccessary pip packages
  • Starting django project django-admin startproject
  • Starting an app python startapp
  • Writing to settings .py, urls .py, views .py, templates
  • Adding static files to project
  • Making migrations and migrating them
  • Running the server for the first time
  • Add an AuthApp with working login and Register

Getting Started

To get started, download the latest release and extract the files on your PC


  • Place the script anywhere you wish
  • Open the folder in Git-Bash and type the following command

    $ source django-letsgo -p <projectname>
       -p <projectname> : Start a django project with the name <projectname>
       -a               : Start the authapp with working login and register pages
       -h               : Show this help
  • Wait for few seconds and your server is running.


To contribute just make a PR