Are you a beginner in Linux? ZORIN is for you!

Are you a beginner in Linux? ZORIN is for you!

Most of the time when I see people switching from Windows to Linux, they usually choose Ubuntu. I am not opposed to that ideology but what I got today is a flavor of the same known as Zorin OS.

Zorin OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It uses GNOME 3 for the Core version and XFCE desktop environment in the Lite version. There is also a flagship PRO version of Zorin which is paid and has some more attractive features built in.

Downloading Zorin OS

Head on to their official website downloads page there you find three versions.

  1. Pro

  2. Core

  3. Lite

For beginners, I would suggest you download the Core ISO because it pretty much has everything that you need to get started. Click on Download - free button.

Installing the system

Here in this article, I will not go through the USB flashing process, I'll drop a dedicated article on that because it's a big topic on its own. Let's boot directly into the Zorin OS USB now.

Install Zorin OS - Zorin Help

After booting into the system you will be welcomed by this screen as shown above. It's the GNOME desktop environment with a customized Ubuntu Ubiquity installer. We get two options either we can Try Zorin OS or we can directly Install it. I suggest you go through each step of the installation process with patience. After the installation is complete it will ask you to restart your computer.

The First Look

Then we have this welcome screen we can start a tour which tells us about the features of Zorin OS. Again this feature is most important for beginners. Here you can see this menu that resembles a start menu from windows which again feels like home for those users who have migrated from the windows operating system.

The File Manager

Zorin OS 15.3 released with Ubuntu 20.04 Foundation | OpenSourceFeed

Zorin OS ships with the same set of applications as Ubuntu. The Nautilus File Manager is the official file manager for the GNOME desktop which has a stable release cycle. These are a few features of the same:

  1. Bookmarks, window backgrounds, notes, and add-on scripts are all implemented.

  2. The user has the choice between icon, list, or compact list views.

  3. In browser mode, Nautilus keeps a history of visited folders, similar to web browsers, permitting quick revisiting of folders.

Zorin Connect

Zorin connect is one of the top reasons why you should opt for Zorin OS. It allows you to pair your Android device with your Desktop. The feature of this utility consists of the following:

  • Share files and web links between devices
  • Use your phone as a remote control for your computer

  • Control media playback on your computer from your phone

  • Pause media playback automatically when a phone call arrives

  • View incoming calls on your desktop

  • Send/receive SMS from the desktop

  • Run commands on ZorinOS from the connected mobile device

  • And more

MS Office Compatibility

The LibreOffice suite enables you to view, create, and edit Microsoft Office/365 documents and is pre-installed on Zorin OS. You can use Zorin OS to access the files on your Windows disc partition if you install it alongside Windows.

Along with this using the Wine compatibility layer, Zorin OS enables the installation of numerous Windows applications. I've even tried playing high graphics games like Need For Speed Most Wanted and GTA 5 on my Zorin OS, the condition is you need proper hardware configuration for flawless performance otherwise Zorin never disappoints you.

Releases and Updates

The latest release Zorin OS 16 will receive updates and security patches till April 2025. Their major releases are scheduled every 2 years so we can enjoy working with a stable release every time.

Final Words

For those who are going to jump into the Linux world, I strongly suggest you start your journey with Zorin OS. You'll never regret leaving Windows.

Till then Keep Reading, Keep Exploring, and Keep Learning.